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Our Three Dimensions Program
  • Humanitarian Assistance - In the first stage, the Pitchon Lev organization directly provides assistance to 250,000 Israelis every year.
    The recipients come to the Pitchon Lev centers in Rishon Lezion and Carmiel every week all year long and receive aid in food, baby food, household utensils, clothing, footwear, electrical appliances, legal and medical advice and hairdressing services.

    Social - Utilization of Rights
    Pitchon Lev centers for utilization of rights operate through three departments: Utilization of Rights – the centers provides our aid-recipients with information, guidance and direction on diverse topics: social security, housing, health, handling debts and employee rights. Another department provides our beneficiaries with legal assistance, and a third one focuses on policy, and works to change the overall policy on a national level.

  • Empowerment in Education - In the second stage, the Pitchon Lev organization within the framework of the "Lagaat Ba'ofek" educational project, invests in education and empowerment of youth. We have been working with dozens of communities in the geographic and social periphery since 2004 to help young people with the potential, talent and will but lack the means to realize their abilities and to break the cycle of poverty, and eventually not to go to the aid centers.

  • The Pitchon Lev Law for Combating Poverty - Our long experience in dealing with poverty has taught us that only action on the national level will lead to a significant reduction in poverty in Israel.
    Therefore, in the third stage, based on the concept that we must return the responsibility for dealing with poverty to the government, we formulated the Pitchon Lev Law for the struggle against poverty.

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