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Donation of 86$ will provide a food parcel for a family of 4 persons for a whole week

עזרה לנזקקים
Instant Range
Social - Utilization of Rights
לגעת באופק
Long Range
טווח אסטרטגי
Strategic Range
Instant Range
  • Immediate assistance and distribution of food baskets to the needy, including: families and single people, the disabled, the elderly, new immigrants, families with many children, the unemployed, employed persons, single-parent families and single soldiers.
  • Helping charitable institutions that support the needy – As a national humanitarian organization, we provide assistance to dozens of soup kitchens, old age homes, yeshivot, battered women’s homes, orphanages and shelters for youth in distress throughout the country.
  • Helping the needy through regional councils and dozens of organizations that distribute food – in order to increase the scope of assistance to the needy throughout the country we provide assistance to needy families throughout the State of Israel.

Social – Utilization of Rights

Pitchon Lev centers for utilization of rights operate along the lines of The Israeli Declaration of Independence which promises that aspiring to establish equal social and political rights for all its citizens…”

The utilization of rights is facilitated by three departments:

  1. Centers for Utilization of Rights – the centers provides our aid-recipients with information, guidance and direction on diverse topics: social security, housing, health, handling debts and employee rights.
  2. Legal Assistance Department
  3. Policy Department that works to change the overall policy on a national level.


מרכז סיוע
A Humanitarian Umbrella Organization

The Pitchon Lev organization provides direct  assistance to 250,000 Israelis every year.

The recipients receive aid in food, baby food, household utensils, clothing, footwear, electrical appliances, legal and medical advice and hairdressing services.

Pitchon Lev works to enable a dignified life for those who need a platform to exit from poverty to those who can.

The recipients of the aid are referred to us through letters of referral from social workers from all over the country. Any request for help, even without a referral from a social worker, receives immediate attention, without unnecessary bureaucracy. Already on the day of referral, we immediately assist in the distribution of food basket and clothing details required, and only then the recipient is asked to furnish a referral from a social worker.

The organization has always wished to be in direct contact with the recipients of the aid and to maintain dialogue with them without mediation in the middle. Thanks to this, we are able to adapt to new situations and to adapt immediate solutions to the needs that arise from the field.

Assistance to the needy in the aid centers is carried out on several levels :

Long Range
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Program 7

This is a seven-year educational, empowerment and mentoring program that assists at-risk-youth from the socio-geographical periphery.

In three phases, it helps them achieve their potential with the objective of them completing the program with a foundation to pursue either tertiary education or stable and meaningful work. It takes them from grade 10 through their military or national service to one year post discharge.

Participants become ‘ambassadors’ for their communities.

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Program 5 (Hamsa)

This is two-phase and five-year educational, empowerment and mentoring program aims to help Arab youth achieve their potential and also to integrate Arab youth into Israeli society. It takes Arab youth from grade 10 to complete high school and then either stable and meaningful work or to tertiary education. As with Program 7, Pitchon-Lev works closely with participating communities in executing this program. Where required, humanitarian assistance such as food parcels are delivered to participating communities.

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Strategic Range

Pitchon Lev is a national humanitarian umbrella organization assisting over 42 non-profit organizations nationwide and different Israeli charities. We help soup kitchens, senior citizen centers, yeshivas, shelters for battered women, orphanages, shelters for teens at risk, regional councils, municipalities, and dozens of organizations distributing food to thousands of needy people throughout Israel. We accomplish this thanks to the volunteers who work at the aid centers and allow us to offer our help at a national level.

The other important mean of strategic influence is by lobbying the establishment to act on behalf of the needy in Israel.


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Special Projects

“The Wholehearted” Bazaar – Discount Stores for Families at risk

Pitchon Lev operates 6 “Wholehearted” Bazaars for the benefit of needy families where they can purchase clothes, shoes, household appliances, games, bedclothes, bags, books, second-hand toys and over-manufactured pieces at a symbolic price.

All of the items are donated by companies and kind people.


Proceeds are used to fund the many facets of the work of Pitchon Lev.


“The Wholehearted Bazaar” Tel-Aviv :
Address: 17th Lavanda st. 
Open Sundays to Wednesdays between 08:00 and 17:00 and Thursdays between 08:00 and 14:00.

Phone: 03-5377760

“The Wholehearted Bazaar” Rishon-Lezion Aid Center
Address: 9th Lishansky Street in the new industrial area
Open Sundays to Thursdays between 08:00 and 16:00

Phone: 03-9512755

“The Wholehearted Bazaar” Carmiel Aid Center
Address: 1st Levona Street in the Carmiel Industrial Area  
Open Sunday to Thursday between 08:00 and 18:00

Phone: 04-9985661

Pitchon Lev’s Recycling Center

Every month over 60 tons of worn out clothing is donated to the poor through Pitchon Lev’s two humanitarian aid centers in Carmiel and in Rishon Letzion. Worn out clothing constitutes 6% of the household waste and does not decompose. 

In January 2012, the Pitchon Lev Recycling Center was established in the Pitchon Lev Aid Center in Carmiel. After a careful selection, the clothing is sold to the needy at very cheap cost in the aid centers. The clothing that is unsuitable is cut into rags and sold to industries.
 2.2 pounds of clothes is worth one Israeli shekel , when 2.2 pounds of cut rags is worth 4 Israeli shekels.
The rationale is that we will generate  an independent income where the profits from the sale of the cut rags goes to help the needy through the activities of Pitchon Lev, the factories receive cheap rags and we promote the protection of the environment by saving water and causing a decrease in waste.
This is a win-win situation-you help the needy by enabling Pitchon Lev to recycle your old clothes and you are showing environmental responsibility.
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Your donation to Pitchon-Lev is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) extent allowed by law.
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