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אריזת מזון לחג

Donation of 86$ will provide a food parcel for a family of 4 persons for a whole week

Pitchon-Lev is an apolitical, not-for-profit established in 1998 as a national humanitarian organization focused on breaking the inter-generational cycle of poverty in Israel. The organization directly assists over 160,000 individuals and families every year, regardless their gender, religion, race or nationality. Pitchon-Lev is supported by corporate and individual philanthropy in Israel, and by over 15,000 volunteers annually.







Pitchon-Lev is working to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty in Israel.

To achieve this Pitchon-Lev works in three main dimensions:

  1. Immediate term – urgent aid:

Humanitarian Aid Centers

Our Centers nation-wide receive referrals from local municipal welfare departments’ social workers, to assist thousands of families in need.

Each month, we distribute over 7,600 nourishing and diverse family food parcels, thousands of baby food parcels, diapers and over 20,000 clothing and footwear.

Rights Utilization Centers

Rights Utilization Centers work with Applicants to ensure that they receive all their government entitlements and benefits.  Support includes information, guidance and case management on issues including: housing, debt management, employment, social security, health and workers’ rights.

Rights-in-a-Click (Zchut B’Kalut)

Pitchon-Lev in partnership with the National Insurance Institute is developing an innovative new on-line program aimed at equality of access to social welfare benefits. Accessed through a web site and a call center, it is free and helps those applying for social and financial benefits.  Applications are guaranteed review within 72 hours. Initial focus is on unemployment benefits. Applicants are helped and guided through the process remotely.

Lehetiv Project

Pitchon-Lev helps and enables families living in poverty to improve their mental, physical and financial well-being through individually tailored solutions. We create support to get families ‘on their feet’ in a sustainable way and recruit local authorities and support to advance employment opportunities and maximize economic potential. 

Textile Recycling Center in Carmiel

Pitchon-Lev operates a Textile Recycling Center which integrates people with disabilities/ limited abilities into society by employing them in our recycling plant employment. Donated clothes are sorted for distribution or sale.  Unusable clothing is sold to industry for recycling into rags.

 2. Education and empowerment

 Pitchon-Lev has unique educational and empowerment programs, under the Touching the Horizon initiative. Pitchon-Lev works directly with youth-at-risk and helping them achieve their personal potential and greater integration and engagement with society and increased social mobility:

Program 7: This is a three-phase and seven-year educational, empowerment and mentoring program assists at-risk youth from the socio-geographical periphery achieve their potential with the objective of them completing the program with a foundation to pursue either tertiary education or stable and meaningful work. It takes them from grade 10 through their military or national service to one year post discharge. Participants are expected to become ‘ambassadors’ for their communities.

Program HAMSA (Program 5): This is a two-phase and five-year educational, empowerment and mentoring program aims to help Arab youth achieve their potential and also to integrate Arab youth into Israeli society. It takes Arab youth from grade 10 to complete high school and then either stable and meaningful work or to tertiary education. As with Program 7, Pitchon-Lev works closely with participating communities in executing this program. Where required, Humanitarian Assistance such as food parcels are delivered to participating Arab communities.

3. Strategic social impact through advocacy and legislative change

Promoting legislative change through Pitchon-Lev’s “War on Poverty” law.

Pitchon-Lev works strategically, advocates for food security, and lobbies the Government of Israel, ministers and lawmakers. Our legislative proposal clearly returns the responsibility for eradicating poverty back to the Israeli government by creating an Inter-Ministerial Authority to confront poverty and work for the benefit of over a million citizens of Israel who are living in poverty.


The Pitchon Lev organization is headed by a three-member board of directors, in accordance with the law and by the Registrar of Amutot.
The staff of the Executive Committee operates on a voluntary basis and out of a common ideology. The Executive Committee is the legal entity with the highest authority to make decisions in the organization and is an example of all the volunteers in the organization. In addition to the day-to-day work they are required to meet, members of the committee meet 12-14 times a year.

Mr. Doron Sheli
Mr. Asher Sadan
Mr. Shimshon Katz
Our Friends

The Pitchon Lev Friends Club was established to support, assist and expand the humanitarian assistance provided by Pitchon Lev in all areas of activity for needy families and youth in Israel. The Circle of Friends is composed of influential and leading people who wish to express their personal values, experience and vision to improve the face of Israeli society.

יוסי פלד
Yossi Peled
Dan Rashel
Rafi Elul
Tammy Ravee
Shuki Shemer
Ronen Nimni
Ofer Meshulam
Nadav Hanin
Motty Caro
Lior Akerman
Yoav Caspi
David Vaanunu
Gil Zefoni
Boaz Toporovsky
Erez Aharoni
Alon Rosen
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