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אריזת מזון לחג

Donation of 86$ will provide a food parcel for a family of 4 persons for a whole week

Pitchon Lev is an apolitical non-profit organization founded in 1998 and working to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty in Israel. The organization assists over 250,000 people each year regardless of sex, religion, race, origin or nationality.

We in the organization maintain straightforward and direct contact with our recipients so that we can adapt immediate solutions to any problem that arises from the field.



Vision of the Organization
The vision for which we are working is to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty in Israel !
In order to realize our vision, the organization operates in three main dimensions:

Immediate Reach – Humanitarian Aid:

In the help centers we help thousands of needy families who are sent to us with letters of reference from social workers throughout the country. Every month we distribute about 6,000 baskets of food to needy families, clothing toys and more.

Social – Utilization of Rights:
Pitchon Lev centers for utilization of rights operate along the lines of The Israeli Declaration of Independence which promises that aspiring to establish equal social and political rights for all its citizens…”
The utilization of rights is facilitated by three departments:
1. Centers for Utilization of Rights – the centers provides our aid-recipients with information, guidance and direction on diverse topics: social security, housing, health, handling debts and employee rights.
2. Legal Assistance Department
3. Policy Department that works to change the overall policy on a national level.

The Far-reaching educational project “Touching the Horizon” by Pitchon Lev:

The “Lagaat Ba’Oqek” educational project from Pitchon-Lev has been operating since 2004 and is intended for young people from the geographic and social periphery who have the will and talent who need support in order to realize them.

The goal of the educational project is to provide the youth with the tools they need to develop as adults who are beneficial to themselves and to society, while developing the natural resources inherent in them.

Strategic Range – “Pitchon Lev” law to fight poverty:

Our long experience in the field shows that only action at the national-institutional level will lead to a significant reduction in poverty in Israel. Therefore, we formulated the Pitchon Lev Law for the fight against poverty, which restores the responsibility to the government and obliges it to establish a special authority for the treatment and eradication of the problem of poverty in Israel.

Board of Directors

The Pitchon Lev organization is headed by a seven-member board of directors, in accordance with the law and by the Registrar of Amutot.
The staff of the Executive Committee operates on a voluntary basis and out of a common ideology. The Executive Committee is the legal entity with the highest authority to make decisions in the organization and is an example of all the volunteers in the organization. In addition to the day-to-day work they are required to meet, members of the committee meet 12-14 times a year.

Mr. Doron Sheli
Mr. Asher Sadan
Mr. Shimshon Katz
Mr. Zeev Raz
Our Friends

The Pitchon Lev Friends Club was established to support, assist and expand the humanitarian assistance provided by Pitchon Lev in all areas of activity for needy families and youth in Israel. The Circle of Friends is composed of influential and leading people who wish to express their personal values, experience and vision to improve the face of Israeli society.

יוסי פלד
Yossi Peled
Dan Rashel
Rafi Elul
Tammy Ravee
Shuki Shemer
Ronen Nimni
Ofer Meshulam
Nadav Hanin
Motty Caro
Lior Akerman
Yoav Caspi
David Vaanunu
Gil Zefoni
Boaz Toporovsky
Erez Aharoni
Alon Rosen
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