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Touching the Horizon - Education and Empowerment

Long term Touching the Horizon

Education and Empowerment to break the cycle of poverty  

Research has shown that about 78% of children who are born to poor families in Israel grow up to be adults in poverty.

Pitchon-Lev has unique educational and empowerment programs, aimed to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty.

Through working directly with youth-at-risk, and families in need, helping them achieve their potential.

Our Programs improve participants’ potential for greater upward social mobility.

Since 2004, the Program has empowered and supported youth from the lower socio-geographic periphery.

Over 1,300 youth-at-risk from all parts of Israel are now in Program 7.

Program 7
לגעת באופק

This is a seven-year educational, empowerment and mentoring program that assists at-risk-youth from the socio-geographical periphery.

In three phases, it helps them achieve their potential with the objective of them completing the program with a foundation to pursue either tertiary education or stable and meaningful work. It takes them from grade 10 through their military or national service to one year post-discharge

Participants become ‘ambassadors’ for their communities.

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Program 5 (Hamsa)

This is two-phase and five-year educational, empowerment and mentoring program aims to help Arab youth achieve their potential and also to integrate Arab youth into Israeli society. It takes Arab youth from grade 10 to complete high school and then either stable and meaningful work or to tertiary education. As with Program 7, Pitchon-Lev works closely with participating communities in executing this program. Where required, humanitarian assistance such as food parcels are delivered to participating communities.

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