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Donation of 86$ will provide a food parcel for a family of 4 persons for a whole week

Pitchon-Lev has been leading the fight against poverty in Israel for the past 8 years. Without prejudice of religion, sex, or race – we call citizens to act and influence welfare and other government to deal with poverty and hunger of more than 1.9 starving people in Israel. 

We call the prime minister, the welfare minister, and to all members of parties in the Knesset to form an urgent campaign to fight poverty and hunger, recognizing the following: 

1) The right to live in decent conditions is owned by all citizens of the state of Israel. 

2) The government should define clear goals to minimize poverty. 

3) Our leaders should constitute laws to insure help to those who can not take care of themselves: children, cripple, and elder citizens. 

4) Handling poverty has to be leaded by the state to change the current status in which it is handled by voluntary and non-profit organizations, operating without the state help. 

5) A team leaded by the prime minister should be formed immediately to lead an emergency plan with clear measurements of success to make a substantial change in current poverty and hunger. 

It is important to remember: more than 1.9 million live in Israel in poverty and hunger, of which more than 800 thousand are children – living without the basic conditions of human-beings. 

If you relate to our call for action to prevent poverty and hunger, please fill the following form. 

The more forms we collect, the more influence we have on decisions makers in Israel.


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