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Nonprofit sending empty food baskets to politicians to highlight poverty

Israeli nonprofit organization Pitchon-Lev plans to bring attention to the issue of poverty ahead of the upcoming election by sending 120 empty food baskets to politicians.

The organization, which distributes food to over 160,000 families in need each year, said that despite the fact that over 1.8 million people live below the poverty line in Israel, the issue has not been promoted by political candidates ahead of the election.

Pitchon-Lev added that people living in poverty are practically invisible to politicians and that aid and support for these people are not discussed by lawmakers or political parties.


The organization demanded that Israeli parties establish an intergovernmental agency specifically tasked with breaking the cycle of poverty.

Pitchon-Lev specified that such an agency would have a budget, specific goals and the ability to coordinate with various government ministries.

Pitchon-Lev addresses poverty

The organization said that until this agency is established, all Israeli political parties should pay attention to the issues of poverty, food insecurity and socio-economic disadvantages.

Pitchon-Lev CEO Eli Cohen wrote to the recipients of the baskets: “Now, more than ever the 2022 elections should be about addressing poverty in Israel.”

“For 1.8 million people whose daily choices are not between one party or another, or between candidate A or candidate B. For them, the choices are between bread and milk, between diapers and a mattress.  They are the choices that people faced with economic distress and reality are forced to make,” he added.

“In the coming national elections, we urge you to think about yourself and your party, and also about those living below the poverty line.”

“What do you, as the decision-makers and influencers intend to do for them and their children?” Cohen asked. “Poverty does not recognize religion, sex, race or political affiliation – it affects all corners of Israeli society, and we all have the duty to mobilize to fight it and help those who live it on a daily basis.”

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