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Donation of 86$ will provide a food parcel for a family of 4 persons for a whole week

Tune in Saturday, April 15th to join Jews from all over to provide a basket of food for needy families.

Throughout the week, Jews around the world will be gathering with friends, family, and loved ones around the dinner table to celebrate the festive holiday of Passover. They’ll enjoy traditional Passover food, share stories of their lives, reflect on the history of their ancestors, and most of all, appreciate what they have in the present. 

Most families will celebrate like this, but not all. In Israel, thousands of families do not have the financial means or support to be able to observe a meaningful Passover holiday. Amit, a widow and single mother living in Israel, has a different experience during the holidays. “When the holiday comes, around seven o’clock, I tell my daughters: ‘Let’s go to bed and go to sleep, for the holiday to pass quickly.” 

Amit has never had the luxury – the financial means – of celebrating a holiday with her daughters. All she wants for girls is to experience the joy and happiness of the festive spring-time holiday. “I wish that someone would ever agree to host us for the holiday – that we would have a nice, tasty chicken and food, and a new year’s atmosphere, and it hurts me mainly for my daughters, but how much can I eat my heart?” says Amit. 

Amit is one of thousands of who will be given the gift of a holiday meal this Passover because of Pitchon-Lev, a humanitarian organization working to end the cycle of poverty in Israel throughout the year. This year, they will be delivering over 13,000 holiday parcels to families in need so that every Israeli citizen can observe a meaningful Passover holiday. 

In order for this huge undertaking to become a reality, Pitchon-Lev needs the Jewish people around the world to come together and help support their fellow Jews in Israel. An exciting fundraising broadcast on will air on in Israel, in which the entire nation, as well as Jews around the world, can unite to put food on the table before the holiday. The broadcast will be airing on April 15, 2017 will call upon the entire Israeli public to donate food for those who need at the holiday and to help break the cycle of poverty in Israel.

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